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Gabo Filters D-EP04B Replacement Air Filter for Epson ELPAF30 / V13H134A30
The product is compatible with models

EB-C1020XN EB-C1030WN EB-C1040XN EB-C1000X EB-C1010X EB-G7000W EB-G7800 EB-G7200W EB-G7400U EB-G7905U EB-G7900U EB-D6155W EB-D6250 EB-D6150
This series of product consist of:
D-EP04B=1 piece 8.8" x 2.6"x 0.9" or 224mmx67mmx24mm


  • We strongly suggested to exchange filters every three months to increase the life of projector.
  • Medium Material: Polyester Fiber
  • To Install Refer to Projector's User Manual
  • Do Not Use if Broken or Deformed
  • Exposed Stacking Prohibited
  • Follow Indicated Airflow Direction

Gabo Filters D-EP04B for EPSON EB-G7000W Part# ELPAF30 / V13H134A30

SKU: 7755869618752
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