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GABO Filters S-BA993C3 replacement Air Filter for BARCO Model DP2K-20C DP2K-18C DP2K-15C

OEM# R9863070


This series of product consist of:

D-BA01C=1 piece    7.8ʺx15ʺ or 198mmx382mm

D-BA02C=1 piece   4.3ʺx 7.4ʺ or 110mmx188mm

D-BA03C=1 piece   5.5ʺx 6.2ʺ or 140mmx158mm


  • We strongly suggested exchanging filters every three months to increase the life of the projector.

  • Medium Material: Stainless Steel Cloth

  • Need to replace 3 pcs

  • To Install Refer to Projector's User Manual

  • Do Not Use if Broken or Deformed

  • Exposed Stacking Prohibited

  • Follow Indicated Airflow Direction

  • Rinse with room temperature water, do not use high pressure and hot water

Gabo Filters S-BA993C3 replacement for BARCO DP2K-20C/18C/15C

SKU: 7755869621561
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